Electric Blinds Installation

By Published On: January 2nd, 2018

Electric blinds are becoming more and more popular as we are increasingly using smart-controlled devices in our home. Automatically shutting blinds are no longer a thing of the future! Control these babies from an app on your phone for the ultimate ease of use.

What benefits can electric blinds give me?

Blocking out excess light

Electric Blinds are perfect for your conservatory or bifold doors; basically anywhere with a lot of window space! Don’t spend your precious free time working your way around the room every evening pulling the blinds… simply click a button and your room will be shaded.

Easy access

For skylights or particularly high ceilings, electric blinds are a great option. Use your app to access the blind controls and there’s no need for skylight poles or dangerous standing on chairs!

Increased safety

With no cords needed, the blinds are extremely safe to use for families and pets. No need to worry! You can also access your blind controls remotely, so if you’re away on holiday but want it to look like you’re at home, simply raise and lower the blinds from your app wherever you are!

Added value

Although electric blinds are not uncommon, they’re still not the norm, so it will bring the value of your home up if you get them installed. It’s also a step towards making your entire home smart, and that will all count towards the increased value of your property.

So with all the benefits of electric blinds, it’s a no-brainer to bring your home into the 21st Century and remove the fuss from your windows!
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