Shutters: What are they; where for; and what are the benefits?

By Published On: October 2nd, 2020

When you think of Shutters, the chances are you imagine a rustic European home in a country much warmer than Britain at the moment, but what exactly are they?

Also known as Plantation Shutters, they are a solid window covering that usually consists of a sturdy frame with horizontal louvres or slats. Originally designed to be used on large plantations and farmhouses of South America (hence the name), they were designed as an alternative to curtains which were thought to be too heavy for the sub-tropical climate of the region.

Since their introduction to homes and farmhouses, they have rapidly grown in popularity in both America and Europe, due to both practicality and appearance. Even now, they are being reinstated into Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes to return them to their original grandness.

The key element to all shutters is the horizontal louvres.  The evenly spaced elements can be opened and closed as required, providing optimum light control, and are available in a wide range of materials, colours and styles.  For extra room darkening, an integral Duette pleated style blind can be incorporated to provide the ultimate “shutter and shade” system for complete room darkening.

Shutters are not just for windows though.

In the past, we have installed shutters in all types of homes, even new builds, and interior shutters can be perfect for bay windows and living rooms. However, they can also be used in many other ways that people rarely think of. Full-height ones can be used on French doors, in conservatories, on houseboats, and even as wardrobe doors!

So, why would you opt for shutters over traditional curtains or blinds?

Well, there are several benefits to installing high-quality shutters that may even overshadow their elegant appearance.

  • They are made-to-measure, meaning they will be the perfect fit for any window or door in your home
  • Create the ultimate kerbside appeal, great if you’re looking to sell your home in the future and add value
  • There is evidence to show that closing your shutters in the evening can dramatically keep your windows warmer.
  • When fully closed, wooden shutters can act as a natural sound barrier and help to reduce noise disruptions.
  • Dust is a great deal easier to wipe away from wooden louvres than it is with blinds and curtains. Simply take a dry or slightly damp cloth and wipe along.
  • Solid shutters offer the perfect solution for effective light control. Open them wide to let optimum daylight in, angle the louvres upwards to reduce the risk of light damage to your furniture, or fully close them for darkness.

If you’re looking for an alternative but stylish solution to light control in time for Summer, consider installing our quality Plantation Shutters – they can really compliment the interior design of your home. Contact Innovation Blinds and Shutters on 01444 470151, or visit our showroom in Ditchling, Haywards Heath, to see our range of shutter styles.